Testing & Training

The testing phase, a continuous process

Since October 2013, tests have been conducted in Dubai throughout the winter months. The main goals were to train, observe the construction, give input and to test the Premier Dragons.

6 prototypes have been produced and tested in Dubai up to date. During the December training the first series production Dragon will leave the PCT boat yard to be tested on UAE waters. 

Team Premier and the Transbunker Sailing Team are testing the Premier Dragons


TEAM PREMIER (UAE20):  Hendrik Witzmann, Markus Koy and Michael Koch or Henrique Anjos.

TRANSBUNKER SAILING TEAM (UAE7): Markus Wieser, Sergei Pugatchev and George Leonchuk.

TRANSBUNKER SAILING TEAM (UAE8): Evegny Braslevets, Igor Sidorov and Sergey Timokhov.


The first tests in Dubai with prototype 1 went extremely well. During the Marblehead Trophy in Kiel, Germany,  Boat 1 (UAE20) and Boat 2 (UAE7) were tested for the first time on European waters. The results were not the top priority, the aim was to sail every day with different settings and to find out what pushes the boats to its capacity and what can be improved. 

All designers were in Medemblik in September 2014 and the boats were closely observed and analyzed. Both the sailors and the designers collaborated during the Gold Cup and discussed the potential for improvement. 

Following the Gold Cup, Desert Eagle continued its testing phase throughout Europe at the Regattes Royales in Cannes and the Hans-Detmar Wagner Cup in Trobole. 

Both protoypes were shipped back to Dubai in order for the testing and training to proceed throughout the winter months. 

In close collaboration with the designers, engineers and sailors, the boat yard will further improve the boats until they are ready to go into series production. 

Throught the winter months trainings are held in Dubai. 

2015-2016 Winter trainings in Dubai: 

13th to 20th of December 

13th to 20th of January 

2nd to 8th of February

During the 2015-2016 winter trainings the new series prodution boats will be tested. 

2014-2015 Winter trainings in Dubai: 

15th to 20th of December 

10th to 16th of January 

13th to 19th of February

18th to 23rd of March 


Regatta 1

2014 Gold Cup

Premier Dragon Interviews Dubai Championship

Grand Prix Guyader 2015

2nd Dubai Dragon Championship