Race Information

DRAGON GOLD CUP, Medemblick, Netherlands

Hendrik Witzmann is racing on the Premier Dragon UAE20 `Desert Eagle´, testing the boat within a big fleet of 90 boats. "The boat speed is good, especially when we race upwind" comments Hendrik. "The boats have come a long way since Kiel. It is however still a prototype and we continue to test different boat setups until we are 100% happy". 

The boat designers Paolo Manganelli (Gurit) and Klaus Roeder (Carpe Diem Yacht Design) are in Medemblik and are taking a close look at the Premier Dragon together with project manager Joao Pinto (PCT) and boat builder Markus Mehlen (PCT). In meetings with the sailors all share their ideas in order to make the prototypes ready for series production. 

Hendrik Witzmann comments on his first sailing days of the Gold Cup: 

“First of all I have to say that we are very happy with our boat speed. I have Michael Haesbeck on board this race, he is a very good tactician but we still need some time to become well attuned. We had tough luck with both starts yesterday, a little collision during race one and a penalty in race two. We weren’t in best shape yesterday.

Our sails are not in perfect shape yet. We are sailing with North Sails and we will need more time for the sails to be shaped for the boat. 

I am a bit out of practice, I should have sailed more races this season, the training in Dubai was very helpful but there is still a big difference between training and actual racing. Next year I will try to sail more and hopefully that will be visible in the results. 

We can´t forget that the boat is still a prototype. This is the first time that the boat is being sailed in such a big fleet, the more we sail it the more ideas we get on how to improve it. It is very exciting this phase of development. We are working close together with the designers and the Premier Dragon is getting better every day.”

Markus Wieser comments on his first days of racing the Gold Cup: 

“Sergei, George and I took the Gold Cup home last year and we are trying our best to keep it! We are sailing the Dragon of a good friend of mine, since I think his boat is one of the best in the fleet at the moment. When I however look at Hendrik racing, especially upwind, I almost regret not racing my new Premier Dragon.  Especially in light winds Hendrik is on the upwind always 2-3 degrees higher than everyone else, - it’s incredible! I can’t wait to train with my Premier Dragon throughout the winter months in Dubai. 

The Marblehead Trophy was already really fun. It was my first time to sail a Premier Dragon.  Throughout the winter months in Dubai we sailors were constantly expressing our ides of how to improve a dragon. I had the chance to share all my ideas that I had accumulated over the past 30 years! Then in Kiel we got to sail and test the prototypes for the first time. In some areas I realized that my ideas were not as good as I had expected them to be, in other areas the changes we made are amazing.  The Premier Dragon is still a work in progress. I am looking forward to the day when I’ll be able to sail my first big race on it!”

Results and updates will follow.