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German Grand Prix in Kuehlungsborn

Overall resuts here

5 Premier Dragons amongst top 10 at the German Grand Prix in Kuehlungsborn!

Overall results of German Grand Prix

1st GER1157 - 15 points

2nd UAE 8 - 15 points (Premier Dragon)

3rd GER 11 - 17 points (Premier Dragon)

4th RUS 27 - 17 points (Premier Dragon)

5th DEN 411 - 19 points

6th UAE 7 - 22 points (Premier Dragon)

7th POR 66 - 29 points

8th GBR 758 - 32 points

9th SUI 311 - 33 points (Premier Dragon)

10th GER 33 - 36 points


Day 4 - 25th of June 2016

Last day of the German Grand Prix in Kühlungsborn. 

The day started with good winds but too much fog to sail. The fog has now lifted and the 40 Dragons are out on the sea sailing the 4th Race of the German Grand Prix…

First Windward Mark: UAE9, GBR758, UAE8, GER11, SUI313, RUS76

Preliminary results of the 1st race of the day:

1st UAE 8

2nd GER 11

3rd UAE 9

Preliminary results of 2nd and last race of the day: 

1st GER11

2nd GER1157

3rd RUS27

4th DEN411

5th UAE8


Day 3 - 24th of June 2016 

No races sailed today. 


Day 2 - 23rd of June 2016 

Long and very hot day today, the Dragons left the harbour at 10:00 then waited several hours on the water, sailed 3 races and were only back on shore after 19:00.

Preliminary results of race 1: 

1st GER1157

2nd UAE8

3rd UAE7

4th POR66

5th GER1123


Preliminary results of Race 2 of the German Grand Prix:

1st POR66

2nd DEN411

3rd GER1123

4th UAE7

3rd and last Race of the day started at 5pm. Results will follow.

First windmark rounding of Race 3: GER1103, GER1150, RUS27, GBR758, GER1117

2nd windmark rounding of Race 3: RUS27, GER1103, GBR758, UAE9, GER1150

Preliminary results Race 3:

1st RUS27

2nd GER1103

3rd GBR758

4th GER1157

5th SUI311


Day 1 - 22nd of June 2016

German Grand Prix in Kuehlungsborn

1st day of racing: dragons left the harbour at around 11am. Wind conditions are very difficult, very shifty and only 4-5 knots. The teams continue to wait hoping to be able to sail a race…

A first race was started at 14:15 and then canceled due to a big windshift. The teams are still out on the water waiting…

 At 16:00 all races were canceled. The 40 Dragon teams are on their way back to the shore!