Race Information

European Dragon Championship in Bastad, Sweden 2015

Day 1 - 03.08.2015 

No wind. No races. 

Day 2 - 04.08.2015 

2 races were sailed in beautiful sunshine and 15-21 knots. Both times the fleet started under black flag. 

Results of race 1: 

1st GER11

2nd GER1103

3rd UAE7 

SUI311 crossed the finish line 5th on their new Premier Dragon however were disqualified due to a black line start. 

UAE20 had a bit of bad luck and finished 13th.  

Results of Race 2: 

1st DEN 411

2nd SWE354

3rd UAE20

UAE7 crossed the finish line 8th. 

Day 3 - 05.08.2015 

Provisional results of race 3: 

1st DEN 411, 2nd DEN404, 3rd GER1157, 4th NED311, 5th RUS27, 6th UAE20. 

UAE7 11th. 

Provisional results of race 4:  

1st UAE7, 2nd SUI311,6th UAE20.

Overall results after 4 races: 
1st UAE7, 2nd UAE20, 3rd RUS76, 4th GER11, 5th DEN411

Day 4 - 06.08.2015 

No races. 

Day 5 - 07.08.2015 

Provisional results for race 5: 1st RUS27, 2nd DEN411, 3rd DEN410, 4th UAE20, 5th GER1157

UAE7 7th and GER11 8th.

UAE7 wins Dragon Europeans, UAE20 2nd, 3rd RUS27!! 

Results here