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Dragon Worlds La Rochelle 2015

Day 1 Dragon Worlds - 08.06.2015

A disappointing first day for Team Premier (UAE20) and the Transbunker Sailing Team (UAE7). Big current is ruling over the race course and both teams got it wrong today. 


1st - POR66 (Matoso)

2nd - GER11 (Hoesch)

3rd - RUS27 (Loginov)

7th - UAE8 (Braslavets)

46th - UAE7 (Wieser)

53rd - UAE20 (Witzmann)

Day 2 Dragon Worlds - 09.06.2015

Team Premier and the Transbunker Sailing Team are ready to fight back! 2 races scheduled today. Weather forecast is very good with breeze up to 20 knots.

Markus Koy (Team Premier, UAE20) comments on todays racing: "sadly we had a black flag start today and were disqualified. I stepped over onto the coach boat and watched the race from there. To watch a race as a spectator is very interesting, especially if you have already sailed 3 races on this course. UAE 8 (Braslavets) and UAE 7 (Wieser) sailed a really good race. Both found their own good way in the conditions and continuously improved throughout the race.
They achieved really good results with a 3rd (UAE8) and 7th (UAE7) place.
The strong current and the way the boats behaved in the currents was very interesting to watch. I hope we will make up for our mistake tomorrow!”


1st - RUS76 (Samokhin)

2nd - UAE8 (Braslavets) 

3rd - AUS225 (Packer)

12th - UAE7 (Wieser)

33rd - UAE20 (Witzmann)

Day 3 Dragon Worlds - 10.06.2015

2 races were sailed today.

UAE 20 (Team Premier, Hendrik Witzmann) had a great day, they finished 2nd both times. With a black flag disqualification in race number 4 all hopes to win the World Championship have disappeared, eventhough they are overall 9th!

UAE7 (Wieser) were struggling at the beginning but are slowly fighting their way back to the top. They are overall 4th at the moment.

Clear leader of the World Championship is Evgenij Braslavats (UAE8) he is sailing his best this week in la Rochelle! 

Day 4 Dragon Worlds - 11.06.2015

No wind. No races today. 

Day 5 Dragon Worlds - 12.06.2015

After a strong finish with winning the last race of the Dragon Worlds Markus Wieser and crew (UAE7) made it onto the podium! 3rd overall is a great result despite the poor start to the event. Team Premier sailing the second Premier Dragon also had a strong finish and are 5th overall. New World Champion is Evgenij Braslavats (UAE8, Transbunker Sailing Team)!!!


1st - UAE8 (Braslavets) 

2nd - RUS76 (Samokhin)

3rd - UAE7 (Wieser)

4th - GER11 (Hoesch)

5th - UAE20 (Witzmann)

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