Race Information

Bunker Queen (3rd Premier Dragon) wins Italian Championship

2 Premier Dragons took part at the Italian Championship in San Remo. Both Premier Dragons achieved excellent results and ended up in the top 3. 

Team Premier had an amazing start to the event, by winning the very first race. 

After 5 races Markus Wieser (Transbunker Sailing Team, boat 3) and Hendrik Witzmann (Team Premier, boat 2) were in 2nd and 3rd place overall. With only 2 more races to go, but only 4 points behind the leading team of Anatoly Loginov, the Transbunker Sailing Team still had every chance to win. 

After another convincing race win, the Transbunker Sailing Team won the Italian Championship with a lead of 2 points. Team Premier finished 3rd overall. 

Markus Wieser: "This was the first European event at which 2 Premier Dragons participated. With 4 out of 6 race wins, we proved that the Premier Dragons are very competitive. Already during the winter training in Dubai we realized the high potential of our new boats. There is still room for improvement, but we are very happy at this early stage".