Race Information

2nd Dubai Dragon Championship

From the 5th to 7th of February 2016, the 2nd Dubai Dragon Championship is being held, together with the Premier Composite Dubai Race Week, in the DOSC. About 30 boats are competing in 3 groups at the regatta, 9 of which are Dragons.

Overall Results

Overall results after 8 races with 1 discard: 

1st Loginov, Stazenko, Shalagin (15 points)
2nd Brennecke, Schuemann, Palm (20 points) 
3rd Wieser, Pugachev, Negri (21 points) 
4th Braslavets, Timochov, Mirchuk (25 points) 
5th Stenbeck, Westerdahl, Freitas (29 points)
6th Link, Lipp, Butzmann, (32 points) 
7th Team Anjos (44 points) 
8th Waimer, Witzmann, Leonchuk (45 points) 
9th Team Kleine (67 points)

Day 3 - 7th of February 2016

2 races were sailed today: 

Results race 8: 
1st Loginov
2nd Stenbeck
3rd Link
4th Braslavets
5th Wieser
6th Brenecke
7th Anjos
8th Waimer

Results race 7: 
1st Brennecke
2nd Wieser
3rd Braslavets
4th Loginov
5th Stenbeck
6th Link
7th Anjos
8th Waimer

Day 2: 6th of February 2016

2nd day of racing: 

Very light winds today. 

Overall results after 6 races with 1 discard: 

1st Loginov (10 points)
2nd Wieser (13 points)
3rd Brennecke (14 points)
4th Braslavets (18 points)
5th Stenbeck (22 points)
6th Link (23 points)
7th Waimer (29 points)
8th Anjos (30 points)
9th Kleine (47 points)

Day 1: 5th of February 2016

The first day of racing. Beautiful racing conditions with sunshine and 12-15 knots from the north west. 

Anatoly Loginov is racing his brand new Premier Dragon for the first time. Marcus Brennecke and his team, amongst them the triple Olympic gold medalist Jochen Schuemann, were racing their first race on their Premier Dragon. 

Overall results after the first 3 races: 

1st - Wieser
2nd - Loginov
3rd - Brennecke
4th - Stenbeck
5th - Braslavets
6th - Link
7th- Anjos
8th - Waimer