Serial Production boats on a roll

In December 2015 PCT launched its first serial production Dragon. 

Team Premier (Hendrik Witzmann, Thomas Auracher and Henrique Anjos) are sailing on this 1st serial production boat in the 2016 season. They have had an amazing start to the season with a second place at the Juan Carlos Trophy. 

Also the 2nd and 3rd serial production boats have started the 2016 season extremely well. 

Boat number 2 which is helmed by Anatoly Loginov and crewed by Alexander Shalagin and Vadim Statsenko started off with a 1st place at the Dubai Dragon Championship, a 2nd place at the Festa del Mare Cup in San Remo and now another 2nd place at the Danish Nationals.

Evgenij Braslavtes and the Transbunker Sailing Team are the proud owners of the 3rd serial production boat, the boat was only launched in San Remo and ended up wining its first regatta straight away.

Whilst boat 1 comes with the sportive coach roof design, Braslavets and Loginov ordered their Premier Dragons with the classic coach roof design.

Also the Premier Dragon protypes have been performing extremely well up to now. 

UAE7 achieved a 3rd place at the Dubai Dragon Championship and then won the Italian Championship. 

GER1162 achieved a 2nd place at the Grand Prix Guyader. 

SUI311 achieved a 6th place at the Juan Carlos Trophy and then went on to win their first ever Grade One event, the Grand Prix Guyader

GER11 helmed by Markus Brennecke and crewed by Theis Palm and Jochen Schuemann began the season with a 2nd place at the Dubai Dragon Championship, then achieved a 6th place at the Italian Championship which was follwed by a 3rd pace at the Danish Nationals.