Premier Dragon 3 completed and tested in December

Markus Wieser (Transbunker Sailing Team) comments on the 3rd Premier Dragon that he tested for the first time during the December training. 

"We got alot of good feedback from Hendrik (Witzmann, Premier Sailing Team), who tested protoype 1 at the Gold Cup and finished succesfully 2nd at Lake Garda, end of October. For example the jib sheet system needed improvement. It did not work properly due to the new coaming design. Changes were made according to Hendrik´s feedback for the design of boat 3 and now it works really good. 

Lots of small modifications went into prototype 3 and I have to say it is a really good boat to sail now. It is very nicely balanced, easy to drive and during our testing session in December we always had a small edge, under any condition!

The PCT boat builders were working on prototype 3 over the holidays to modify a few minor details. These slight changes will also be applied to Boat 4, which is still under construction".

The teams are training in Dubai at the moment.