An amazing season for the Premier Dragons

Premier Dragons win the Europeans, the Worlds, several Grade 1 events and are amongst the top 5 at the Gold Cup. 

5 Premier Dragons were competing during the 2015 season and all of these 5 Dragons are amonst the top 10 of the International Dragon World Ranking List.  

1st - UAE8 Transbunker Sailing Team (Braslavets, Mirchuk, Timokhov)

3rd - UAE20 Team Premier (Witzmann, Koy, Anjos/Koch)

4th - UAE7 Transbunker Sailing Team (Wieser, Pugachev, Leonchuck)

8th - GER1162 Link, Butzmann, Lipp

10th - SU311 Sophie Racing (Stenbeck, Westerdahl, Freitas)

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