All 3 UAE teams in top 5 at Dragon Worlds

80 Teams from 16 different Nations met in La Rochelle last week to fight for the title of Dragon World Champion

UAE 8 (Transbunker Sailing Team) helmed by the 1996 Olympic Champion in the 470 Eugenia Braslavets sailed at its best and took the title home. 

“Sailing conditions were very hard in La Rochelle”, comments Braslavets’ training partner and Transbunker team college Markus Wieser, “the current was so strong and changed constantly that it was impossible to sail only according to tactics. My team (UAE7) and our training partner Team Premier (UAE20) made the mistake of sailing only according to tactics in the first race and both ended up somewhere around 50th. Our coach helped us analyse the currents in La Rochelle and so we managed to work our way up the fleet again”. 

Markus Wieser and his team (UAE7) sailing on a Premier Dragon built by PCT in Dubai achieved an overall 3rd place, with some excellent results in the last 4 races - 7,6,4 and 1. 

Team Premier (UE20), also racing a Premier Dragon, had a bit of trouble due to a black flag disqualification. They were sailing at their best apart from the 53rd in the first race and managed an overall 5th place in the end. “We messed up in the first race and like Markus Wieser underestimated the current. We are however very happy with our Premier Dragons, they are super fast and we are convince that we will have many more chances to show this” comments Hendrik Witzmann (Team Premier).