2nd Dubai Winter Training

6 teams are participating at this year's December trainining. 5 of these 6 teams are sailing on Premier Dragons. Only Evgenij Braslavets is still sailing his old Dragon as he is waiting for his new Premier Dragon, which will be delivered by the end of February. 

A new participant at the training is Marcus Brennecke and his team, Theis Palm and Jochen Schuemann, who are sailing their brand new Premier Dragon. 

Some of the top Dragon sailors in the world are here to get ready for the 2016 season: Anatoly Loginov, Evgenij Braslavets, Markus Wieser, Hendrik Witzmann, Stephan Link and Hugo Stenbeck. 

"Sailing conditions have been excellent the past 2 days" comments Markus Wieser (Transbunker Sailing Team) "Sunshine and 18 knots! In the mornings we do some line ups in the afternoons some short races. Werner Fritz is training us this session. It is good fun but also challenging to train with so many good sailors!"