The 6th Premier Dragon Protoype



Andy Claughton

Paolo Manganelli

Klaus Roeder


PCT (Dubai)


8.9 m


1.95 m


1.2 m


1700kg (with Mast)


Composite (glass fibre)


November 2015


Marcus Brennecke


2nd Dubai Dragon Championship

2nd Norddeutsche Meisterschaft

3rd Danish Championship

2nd Marblehead

3rd German Grand Prix

2nd Russian Championship

3rd European Championship 


Marcus Brennecke helmsman of Cameleer GER 11: “We are happy about bronze at the Europeans, our PCT dragon and our consistency in the last 6 regattas and it is fair to say that we were very close and had our chances to take a win in the last 5 events:

2nd Norddeutsche Meisterschaft

3rd Danish Championship

2nd Marblehead

3rd Grade 1 Kühlungsborn

2nd Russian Championship

3rd European Championship"

The owner, Marcus Brennecke, of the 6th and last Premier Dragon protoype comments just after the baptims of his new Dragon:

"Our new Premier Dragon was named Cameleer, which means camel jockey as we are “riding” a boat that has been built in the desert .

The main regattas we are planning to sail this upcoming season are the European Championship in St Petersburg and the Goldcup in Hornbaek. Of course we will sail a couple of events between the Dubai Championship in February and the EC: probably the Grandprix in Cannes but maybe the end of February will come too fast for the boat to be transported to Europe in time, so currently we are thinking about the Italian Open in San Remo end of March, some local Bavarian Regattas in April and May, Marblehead Trophy beginning of June in Köge. The three Grade 1 events Juan Carlos Trophy, Grandprix Douarnenez and Grandprix Kühlungsborn I still need to discuss this with my crew.

At the moment we are however looking forward to the monthly training sessions in Dubai, I think they will be very helpful for a couple of reasons: a) to train with the clearly best teams, b) we can test and improve, c) we do not become rusty in Winter and last but not least d) we can work on being a good team as we are sailing for the first time together.